Spell as many words as you can using the letters of the hens before time is out
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With a funny name and a cute interface this game can keep you really entertained. Chicktionary (contraction of the words “chicken” and “dictionary”) is a barnyard game between you and seven hens. Each hen bears a letter. You have to use the letters to spell as many words as you can before time runs out. You can either choose the letters by clicking on the chosen hen or you can type the letters in your keyboard – the last is the fastest way – and watch the word appear on the bottom section of the screen. When you are ready, press the ENTER key or click the ENTER button to enter the word and start the next one.
If you make a mistake choosing a letter you can erase it with the BACKSPACE key, and you can erase all the letters written by hitting the ESC key or CLEAR button on the screen. By pressing the SPACEBAR on your keyboard or the SCRAMBLER button on the screen you will scramble up the letters for a different perspective. This can be very useful when you are stuck since this game works with your visual memory.
To keep things interesting, you get to bet how well you can do at the beginning of each round. A window appears asking you to choose one of the three following options:
1. Can you find 8 words for 1,000 bonus points?
2. Can you find 13 words for 3,000 bonus points?
3. Can you find 19 words for a big 10,000 bonus points?
The thing is that if you miss your bet the game is over, so try no to shoot too high. It’s better to play another level than loosing the game.
The words you find will be stacked in the egg rack above the hens. You score 100 for each 3 letters word, 200 for a 4 letters word, 400 for a 5 letters word, 800 for a 6 letters word, and 1,600 for a 7 letters word. Each round, the 7 letters are guaranteed to spell at least one 7 letter word.
You can try this game for 60 minutes before you buy the licensed version. If you like it, you can buy this game for only 19.95 dollars, right from Chill web site.
About the system requirements, is not that big computer that you need to run this game. Take a look to the list:
• PC-Pentium II 200
• 64 MB Ram
• 2 MB Graphics Card
• Windows XP/Vista
• Mac Requirements
• Macintosh- G4, 64 MB Ram, OS X

Lionel Mira
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  • It’s easy to learn how to play the game using the help
  • Affordable price
  • You can learn new words by playing


  • It’s available only in English
  • It’s not a multiplayer game
  • Use on network is not supported
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